Polished Concrete

Mechanical polished concrete is the multi step refinement of a concrete surface, either new or existing concrete, until a desired stone exposure and gloss level is achieved, utilising advanced concrete grinding machinery, diamond tooling and chemicals. Polished concrete is intended for internal surfaces only. WA Concrete Polishers can place and finish polished concrete.

Burnished Concrete

Burnished concrete, also referred to as a surface polish or cream polish, begins at placement of concrete, and must be carefully planned and executed regardless of he method used to burnish the concrete. The two methods of burnishing include 1), Over trowelling of freshly placed concrete with the assistance of a concrete trowel machine, 2), Performing specific techniques and processes using a Husqvarna planetary concrete grinder, tooling and chemicals. Burnished concrete is intended for internal surfaces only. WA Concrete Polishers can place and finish burnished concrete.

Honed Concrete

Honed concrete is a full stone exposure surface finish similar to polished concrete but to a lower level of refinement. This finish is usually reserved for external surfaces and displays more of the raw concrete characteristics such as pin holes. Typically external washed exposed aggregate can be honed to a smooth finish. WA Concrete Polishers can place and finish honed concrete as well as honing existing washed exposed aggregate.

Floor Preparation and Concrete Grinding

Typically required where concrete is uneven, not level enough, overly porous, covered with other building materials (tiles or vinyl), or just simply ugly. All concrete can be ground back, cut back or re-poured. WA Concrete Polishers works closely with some of Australia’s largest flooring retailers to assist the install process by performing concrete floor preparation works from grinding and leveling to completely re-pouring worn out or damaged concrete.

Epoxy Coatings

Often epoxy coatings are used in high chemical or clinical environments where high stain resistance is required. It is typical to see epoxy coatings in mechanical workshops, grind and seals in residential settings as well as large industrial facilities. WA Concrete Polishers has assisted well know mining and industrial clients in the Perth metro area achieve their flooring specification.


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